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    What Others Are Saying About Aulterra Neutralizers

    It turns out that a call lasting just two minutes can open the “blood-brain barrier” in kids as well as adults, allowing toxins in the blood stream to cross this blood vessel gateway into the skull and attack brain cells. The same two minute cell phone exposure also disrupts the natural electrical activity of a child’s brain for up to an hour.
    Thomas William, “Cell Phone Hurt Children Even Worse Than Adults,” Convergence Weekly, July 2003

    I have a Neutralizer on all my cordless phones as well as my cell phone, and I wont let my daughter or her friends use their cell without one. It really is the only genuine thing on the market – try muscle testing with and without one, – it’ll blow you away.
    OB from Los Angeles, CA United States, October-2006

    My husband was talking hours everyday on his cell phone and getting foggy and tired by mid afternoon. The Aulterra Neutralizers are awesome my husband can definitely tell a difference…. He doesn’t have this problem now. Thank You!
    Shirley, Georgia, April-2007